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2014 NwRSA Conference: Waves of Color

Start 4 PM Thursday, May 29
End 2 PM Sunday, June 1
Address Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR   97301
Site Map http://willamette.edu/about/visit/pdf/campus_map.pdf

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Keynote Speaker

The keynote address on Saturday will be a presentation by Nancy Roberts on dyeing techniques for use in colorful, unique knitting and woven garments and accessories. Nancy's use of machine knitted faric dyed specifically to be re-used as yarn creates colorways in a way we might not have considered before and she talk about her adventures using pre-knitted fabric.

Class List

FridayAll Day$135.00Dyeing Machine Knitted Fabric for Knitters and WeaversNancy Roberts
FridayAll Day$96.00Plying With ColorAmelia Garripoli
FridayMorning$50.00A Scarf to Dye For (Yoko Biki)Trish Andersen
FridayMorning$55.00Color Effects in SpinningJudith MacKenzie
FridayMorning$55.00ECO PrintJanis Thompson
FridayMorning$40.00Introduction to Mosaic KnittingAnn W. Klinect
FridayMorning$50.00Making Waves with MohairGayle Vallance
FridayMorning$52.00Spin Up Some Crazy CoilsJudie Overbeek
FridayAfternoon$50.00A Scarf to Dye For (Arashi)Trish Andersen
FridayAfternoon$50.00Bleach Discharge "Dyeing"Loyce Ericson
FridayAfternoon$55.00Creating Wolf YarnJudith MacKenzie
FridayAfternoon$55.00Feast!Janis Thompson
FridayAfternoon$45.00Knit a Colorful TriangleShelia January
SaturdayAll Day$95.00Adventures in COLORJanis Thompson
SaturdayAll Day$95.00Scarves to Dye For - Shibori TechniquesTrish Andersen
SaturdayMorning$54.00Bohus (Swedish) Colorwork KnittingShelia January
SaturdayMorning$55.00Color Effects in SpinningJudith MacKenzie
SaturdayMorning$52.00Fun and Easy Felt JewelryLoyce Ericson
SaturdayMorning$52.00Lovely Beaded YarnsJudie Overbeek
SaturdayMorning$50.00Making Waves with SilkGayle Vallance
SaturdayMorning$66.00Space Dyeing Silk YarnNancy Roberts
SaturdayMorning$48.00The Turkish Spindle, a/k/a The Everything SpindleAmelia Garripoli
SaturdayAfternoon$50.00Color with Combs and HacklesAmelia Garripoli
SaturdayAfternoon$55.00Creating Wolf YarnJudith MacKenzie
SaturdayAfternoon$50.00Knitting Unspun SilkAnn W. Klinect
SaturdayAfternoon$50.00Spinning for Maximum LusterGayle Vallance
SaturdayAfternoon$52.00Twist and Shout! Plying Techniques for Perfect YarnsJudie Overbeek
SaturdayAfternoon$55.00Weave a "Magpie" Spinning PouchLoyce Ericson

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Let's start planning for our 2014 Conference adventures at Willamette University May 29-Jun1, 2014: Waves of Color.

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